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*50$ APRÈS RABAIS POSTAL* Refroidisseur Liquide Gamdias Chione E1A 120  Neon-Flex RGB

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*50$ APRÈS RABAIS POSTAL* Refroidisseur Liquide Gamdias Chione E1A 120 Neon-Flex RGB

"Best-in-class Cooling"

CHIONE E1-120 features an extraordinary thermal performance in the pursuit of perfection. As an advanced cooler, CHIONE E1-120 is more efficient in removing excess heat by reducing the temperature to 60 °C, while the cooling temperature of traditional liquid coolers could only reduce the temperature to 75 °C.



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Compact, Easy-to-install, and Maintenance-free

As an all-in-one liquid cooler, CHIONE E1-120 does not take much space and offers more options upon installation. The amazing design makes the installation and maintenance no longer a nightmare.


Luminous but not Loud

The advanced design of Neon-Flex RGB comes with more than 30 lighting effects. By pressing one button, the lighting can be easily switched to various effects, including RGB, Multi-color, and LED off.


Impeccable Durability

CHIONE E1-120 comes with the leak-free Teflon Tube which makes the liquid evaporate at extremely low rate. The tube remains anti-explosive despite high pressure and extreme heat triggered by the cooling process. Hence, this makes CHIONE E1-120 a tremendously durable cooler.


Outstanding Thermal Conductivity

CHIONE E1-120 improves the heat conductivity by the use of copper base plate. With the greater rate of heat transfer, it offers you a superior performance of cooling.


Winning without Whirring

CHIONE E1-120 comes with 8 shock-absorber pads to run smoothly at much lower level of noise. Without the annoying whirring sound, the anti-vibration system provides you with the unparalleled silence performance.