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*LIQUIDATION* Clavier Gaming E-BLUE Polygon USB

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*LIQUIDATION* Clavier Gaming E-BLUE Polygon USB

You just start playing games so you don't want to spend
too much on gaming devices. But you really need a
keyboard with all the basic functions. Like highlighted
keys so you can exercise full control, having a cool
appearance but practical in use. It would be better if it
can sparkle during functioning. That is what it is,
Polygon, your best partner in gaming.


34,99 $

19,99 $

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Overall performance

description of the keyboard

Dimension: 458*169*36mm 
Number of keys:104 keys 
Connection type:USB
Operation Voltage:5V±5%
Keyboard Cable:5.4 feet cable
Key Switch life:Over 10 million cycles
Product Compatibility:
Windows®95/98/ 2000/ME/NT /XP/3.X/Vista/win 7 

Product Illustration
Entry-level gaming keyboard
Laser printing
Laser engraving technology is applied to avoid fading. It is effective to enhance the durability and resistance of the keyboard.
Adjustable stand

Adjustable stand is installed to adjust the height of the keyboard. You can adjust the keyboard to fit different uses.

Plain and sleek
The keyboard is plain and sleek in outlook but practical in use. A blue plate is added at the bottom part to support the keyboard. Plus the anti-slip mats, it is tailor made to increase solidity.
Excellent waterproof
The added drain holes at the bottom part of the keyboard are highly spill-resistant. Users would not need to worry about any accident