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  1. Refroidisseur CoolerMaster Hyper T4 / Ventilateur 120mm

    Refroidisseur CoolerMaster Hyper T4 / Ventilateur 120mm

    Le CoolerMaster Hyper T4 est un ventirad milieu de gamme abordable aux grandes performances de refroidissement pour toutes les plateformes modernes grâce à ses 4 caloducs à contact direct. Le ventilateur du T4 de 120mm en PWM se caractérise par une large plage de vitesse et peut-être réglé minutieusement pour obtenir un flux d'air maximum à grande performance de refroidissement ou un fonctionnement silencieux. Grâce à cette flexibilité, une attache rapide et un système de montage universel, l'Hyper T4 s'accorde parfaitement à tout système.

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    39,99 $
  2. Refroidisseur Liquide Corsair H50

    Refroidisseur Liquide Corsair H50

    The Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler gives you the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy to install package. You get superior cooling for higher overclocking performance without the complexity of traditional liquid-cooling systems.

    The Hydro Series H50 goes head-to-head with top of the line heatsinks, but maintains the near silence of liquid cooling for annoyance-free cooling performance. Due to its compact form factor, the H50 is the ideal solution for any case with a 120mm fan mount, even small form factor cases that prevent the installation of traditional heatpipe based air coolers. So whether you want world-class cooling, lower noise levels than your current CPU cooler, or something that fits in your small form factor case, the closed-loop Hydro Series H50 takes your CPU’s temperature to new lows and takes up less room doing it.

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    84,99 $
  3. Refroidisseur Liquide Corsair H60

    Refroidisseur Liquide Corsair H60

    Say goodbye to a stock air cooler, and upgrade from your bulky air cooler to the efficiency and simplicity of liquid CPU cooling. Enjoy better cooling performance and lower noise, and protect your investment in your CPU with the CORSAIR Hydro Series H60 water cooler. Installation is straightforward. If you can get to the back of your PC’s motherboard, you can install H60. All you’ll need is a screwdriver and you'll be up and running in minutes. Maintenance is minimal thanks to closed-loop architecture and pre-filled coolant, which also deliver unmatched durability and reliability for worry-free use for years to come.

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    89,99 $
  4. Refroidisseur Liquide Corsair H75

    Refroidisseur Liquide Corsair H75

    Hydro Series H75 provides effective and efficient liquid CPU cooling in a compact size. The 120mm radiator has a thickness of only 25mm and is paired with standard diameter, kink-resistant tubing for compatibility with smaller cases and tighter spaces. The dual SP120L 120mm fans support PWM motherboard fan headers, so your motherboard can automatically control fan speeds based on CPU temperature. The tool-free mounting system has broad Intel and AMD socket compatibility. A copper microfin coldplate and high-quality ceramic bearing pump help provide reliable, low-noise heat transfer away from your CPU. And, like all Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers, Hydro Series H75 is completely self-contained and never needs filling or maintenance.

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    119,99 $
  5. Refroidisseur DeepCool GAMMAXX 400 Ventilateur PWM 120mm Blue LED

    Refroidisseur DeepCool GAMMAXX 400 Ventilateur PWM 120mm Blue LED

    • 4 sintered powder heatpipes & massive heatsink
    • 120mm PWM fan w/ blue LED
    • All CPU Sockets Ready
    • Easy installation
    • Extra fan clips enable a push-pull config
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    39,99 $

    34,99 $

  6. *40$ APRÈS RABAIS POSTAL* Refroidisseur Liquide Gamdias Chione E1A 120  Neon-Flex RGB

    *40$ APRÈS RABAIS POSTAL* Refroidisseur Liquide Gamdias Chione E1A 120 Neon-Flex RGB

    "Best-in-class Cooling"

    CHIONE E1-120 features an extraordinary thermal performance in the pursuit of perfection. As an advanced cooler, CHIONE E1-120 is more efficient in removing excess heat by reducing the temperature to 60 °C, while the cooling temperature of traditional liquid coolers could only reduce the temperature to 75 °C.


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    74,99 $

    64,99 $

  7. Pâte Thermique StarTech 1.5g

    Pâte Thermique StarTech 1.5g

    Permet d'optimiser le transfert thermique entre une unité centrale et un dissipateur thermique via une pâte d’oxyde métallique

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    7,50 $
  8. Refroidisseur Intel LGA115x OEM

    Refroidisseur Intel LGA115x OEM

    14,99 $

    9,99 $

  9. *RECERTIFIÉ* Refroidisseur Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Ventilateur 120mm LED Rouge

    *RECERTIFIÉ* Refroidisseur Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Ventilateur 120mm LED Rouge

    Unmatched performance for the value, these are the tenants that guided Cooler Master engineers when designing the Hyper 212 EVO. Patented Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) technology ensures that the heat pipes are free of barriers while drawing heat away from the processor. A PWM fan ensures that fan speed can be intelligently controlled to ensure that it only speeds up when more cooling is necessary.

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    34,99 $

    29,99 $