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Souris Gaming Mad Catz R.A.T.1 Rouge

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Souris Gaming Mad Catz R.A.T.1 Rouge

With its innovative modular system, striking design, and personalization options, the R.A.T. 1 is a high-performance gaming mouse that you can truly make your own.

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Groundbreaking Modular Design

We didn’t just rip up the Mouse Design rule book, we stomped on it and threw it over a cliff. The result: the R.A.T. 1 – an exciting new direction for mice – engineered around an innovative module system that redefines what a gaming mouse can be. The R.A.T. 1’s three core components; Tripod Chassis, Sensor Module and Adjustable Palm Rest, work together to create a mouse as individual as you are.


Tripod Chassis

tripod chassis


Ultra-lightweight, the Tripod Chassis is designed to provide a rock-solid foundation for its module components.

Detachable Sensor Module

R.A.T. 1 sensor


The unique sensor-button module disengages from the Tripod Chassis to become the ultimate travel-ready mouse.

Adjustable Palm Rest

R.A.T. 1 palm rest


2-position palm rest adjusts to fit your hand.

Heart of a Gamer


With unmatched styling and a gaming DNA borne from our multi award-winning R.A.T. PRO series, the R.A.T. 1 is always ready to game. The PIXART 3500 adjustable DPI optical sensor makes the R.A.T. 1 a great choice for gaming, working or just navigating the web.

Heavyweight Specs, Weightless Performance


Weighing in at a feathery 1.8 ounces (50 grams) excluding cable, R.A.T. 1 glides like it’s floating on air and clicks with the precision of a high-end gaming mouse.

Ambidextrous by Design

The R.A.T. 1 is one of the few mice that is always ready to play whether you need a right- or left-handed gaming mouse.

Built for Your Future

Future R.A.T. 1 options such as new sensor modules, new color options and 3D modeling files will enable you to continue to update and customize your R.A.T.