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Souris Gaming E-BLUE Mazer Type-R Sans Fil

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Souris Gaming E-BLUE Mazer Type-R Sans Fil

Adopting pioneering 2.4G wireless transmission technology, the wireless Mazer mouse supports wireless connect with no operational discrepancies. The wireless Mazer mouse is interference resistant, capable of receiving complete signal from all directions within 10m radius of the desk set with no delay response despite wireless mode. This mouse allows you to smoothly operate in the gaming world with no limitations under wireless control.


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Product Illustration
The age of wireless
Adjustable DPI
The mouse has inbuilt 500/1200/1800/2500dpi processer for manual transmission and precision tracking of movement. The mouse also features dpi adjustment key on the side of the device for fast and convenient control.
Dazzling appearance, fashionable
The elegance on the structure design with the two aircraft wings, equipped with the mysterious lighting effect, fully informing others you are having stylish gaming.
Perform excellence
Excellence essential for gaming mouse—high graded gaming chip, 500/1000/1800/2500 DPI levels for you to adjust to any usage. Gamers are capable to accurately exert their commands, multi shots, rapid shifting, not a problem with mazer-r!!!
Stylish side wing
Stylish aircraft wings are engineered on both sides. Practical speaking, these wings act as ergonomic support for thumb and pinkie fatigues.