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Moniteur Gaming Incurvé MSI Optix G24VC 24'' 1920x1080 75Hz HDMI VGA FreeSync

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Moniteur Gaming Incurvé MSI Optix G24VC 24'' 1920x1080 75Hz HDMI VGA FreeSync

  • 23.6" LCD panel LED Backlight (1920 x 1080 Full HD)

  • 1800R curve panel design

  • True Color- NTSC 85%, sRGB 110%.

  • 178° Wide Viewing Angle

  • Optimized with MSI Gaming VGA

  • AMD FreeSync - keep screen tearing away from your monitor.

225,49 $

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SKU/Réf#: Optix G24VC


G24VC monitor facing forward showing the MSI logo on a volcanic rock background
  • 23.6" LCD panel LED Backlight (1920x1080 Full HD)
  • 1800R curved-panel design most suitable for the human eye
  • True Color NTSC 85%, sRGB 110%
  • Wide viewing angle, 178° visible
  • Optimized with MSI gaming graphics, giving you the best visual experience
  • AMD FreeSync keeps screen tearing away from your monitor
MSI G24VC next to two MSI gaming desktops, a dragon is blowing fire on screen next to an armored dragon-rider. Text on this image reads: Optix Series INTO ACTIONMSI G24VC monitor showing a dragon breathing fire next to soldiers and an armored dragon rider. Text on this image reads: Optix G24VC

MSI's Optix G24VC uses a high-quality Samsung curved panel with many special features for gamers, which will help them enjoy the marvelous gaming world.

MSI G24VC monitor angled to the right showing a red-fluid infused robot
1800R curve rate logo

Compared to a 4000R or 3000R curvature rate, 1800R is the most comfortable curvature level for human eyes.

MSI G24VC monitor showing a fire-breathing dragon with volcanic skin and scales, the wide gamut coverage NTSC 85% badge is on screen along with 110% SRGB, 85% NTSC

Compared to regular monitors, MSI Optix G24VC monitors have at least 20% more color gamut coverage, providing much more details in images.

75Hz refresh rate icon next to the curved screen showing a cop car about to ram an orange sports car
RGB less blue light design icon

The Less Blue Light design, which decreases the damaging blue light coming from the screen, will protect your eyes from the damage of long-hour gaming and working.

Color spectrum lines for General LCD and OPTIX G24VC LESS BLUE LIGHT, blue color is removed from the Optix G24VC's line
overhead view of the MSI G24VC showing League of Legends art on screen, 178 degree viewing angle and 3000:1 contrast badges

178° wide viewing angle allows you to share your exciting gaming experiences with friends around you, creating both fun and vivid memories.

MSI G24VC facing froward showing a sci-fi FPS video game screenshot
Black and white crosshairs

It's hard to aim at targets when the in-game crosshair is too small or non-existent. With FPS Crosshair, you can aim at targets much easier in games. Try using it to secure your next victory.

MSI G24VC facing forward showing red and yellow cars racing through a paved street
AMD FreeSync Technology logo

AMD FreeSync technology, which has been incorporated to the monitor, syncs your monitor's refresh rate to your AMD GPU's FPS to prevent screen tearing. With tear-free visuals, you can finally enjoy the perfect game arts that industry giants design for you.

MSI Optix G24VC
Display Size 24" LCD Panel, LED Backlight
Brightness (Typical) 250cd/m²
NTSC sRBG 85 % 110%
Contrast (Typical) 3000:1
Pixel Pitch (HxV) 0.27156x0.27156
Resolution (HxV) 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Response Time (Typical) 8ms
(Resolution HxV / Fv) 1920x1080 / 75Hz
I/O 1x HDMI1.4
1x VGA
MSI G24VC monitor angled to the left showing a knight kneeling in front of stone ruins with the sun shining on him
HDMI logo

MSI monitors support HDMI. Feel free to use the HDMI port to enjoy the high-definition world.